Green hat

There are three main reasons this was able to go from a couple of rows to a completed hat in one day.

First, It was cold and drizzly when I woke up. When the weather is nice this late in the year, I try to take advantage of it by doing things outside. I did not feel that pressure since it was pretty raw and damp.

Second, My car was blocked by large machines. My husband is working on his crafty Christmas presents, and moved a couple of wood working tools out into a more open area. This effectively trapped my car and while I could have asked him to move them so I could get out, I did not want to interrupt his production mode since the timeline is getting shorter to have these finished.

Finally, I put my iPad in a different room. This may actually be the main reason I was able to be productive. I am so guilty of grabbing the tablet to look up one thing, then deciding to just check Facebook quickly, then clicking into something else and before I know it way too much time has passed.

I did get up now and then to do a few things around the house, but because of last week’s major clean up for Thanksgiving, the things that needed to get done were small and quick.

The hat was made to donate to a homeless shelter and to use up the yarn left over from an earlier project. I wanted to get it done before the cold really set in.