Crochet hat

I can no longer count on weekends to have any kind of time.  That’s OK. They are full and fun and I have been able to get a little bit of crochet accomplished, even if it is very little.

One of the reasons so little got done was due to trying something new. In the afternoon, my husband and I went to a Russian Bath/Sauna. I pass this place every time I go to the craft store and have wondered about it.  It is not a pampering type of spa, rather there are a series of saunas and steam rooms that you visit following each up with either a douse of icy water from an overhead shower, or a plunge into an ice pool kept at freezing temperature.

I got to see a platza, which is a type of massage given in the sauna where a bundle of birch, oak or eucalyptus branches called a venik are shaken above and pressed onto a person to stimulate circulation an wellness.  I also learned that wearing a wool felt hat into the sauna helps keep you from feeling hot as quickly. It is totally the opposite of what I would have thought. We did not get the hats, but the owner told us that you could drape a towel over your head to get the same effect.

It was a relaxing afternoon, and I will be headed back. It seems like it would be a nice treat on a dreary winter day. There is also a cafe there which serves all sorts of Russian items, and I want to give that a try.  Sometimes I fall back on my comfort zone and don’t venture out to try something new. I’m glad that I don’t always give into that since I would have missed this discovery.