go kart seat

Thanksgiving dinner was successfully hosted. After saying goodbye to everyone, and wondering how long it would take before I stopped feeling so very full, I was able to get a bit of crochet in to unwind before bed.

Friday was an unseasonably warm day. Temperatures topped out at 66f/19c and I took full advantage by finally painting our front porch. I am wondering what spring is going to look like around here since a walk around the house revealed that the hydrangeas, lilacs and azaleas are already budding again and some irises are poking up.

Remember that neighbor who dropped off the antique chairs? He was recently given a go-kart that didn’t run, but was in otherwise good condition. He’s been fixing it up with a scrounged motor, and he asked me if I could recover the seats for him. I spent some time cutting foam, batting and vinyl to fit the wooden forms he brought over.  It did not take long before a seat and back were completed and delivered next door. He was working on the engine with his son trying to do something involving the carburetor.

This go-kart project is a neighborhood affair with everyone contributing a little of this and a little of that. I figure the cushion recover with earn me a ride or two on it once it is put back together and running.