Place card (2)

Let me start by saying I am not a tablescaping kind of person. For one, my table gets set at the last minute because of a couple of curious kitties, and also because I need room for all the food when we have a holiday meal.

Let me continue by saying that I do not own one of those big fancy die-cut machines. They seem amazing, yes. And if someone gave me one I would not turn it down (although I’m not sure where I would store it), but it is not a tool I’ve ever felt the need to own.

Those two things being said, over the past almost 11 months, I’ve made a lot of things I ordinarily would not have. This time it is place cards for Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to do something Thanksgiving-y to counterbalance the craziness that was the grocery store earlier and I wanted to use stuff I already had.

I ended up with the simple idea of a leaf, and here is where the fun discovery happened. I had a sheet of stiffened felt that I had used once to make a snowman’s carrot nose.  It got trimmed down to letter paper size and I tried running it through my printer using a leaf template page I had found online. It worked! This is amazing for me because I am a bad tracer. No matter how careful I am, the things I try to trace end up looking…awful. There is really no other word. But here I had a nice perfect outline printed onto the felt and all I had to do was sit and cut them out.

For a further cheat, I printed the names onto a piece of terracotta-colored card stock. A few quick pulls of the glue gun trigger and I found I had made place cards. This may be the first and only time you see place cards for my table, but I love the fact that I can use my printer as a new crafting tool.