In the morning, I was catching up on my reader after being away from the internet for a few days. This post by Simply Hooked caught my eye. I loved the colors and the style of the finished scarf. It is a moss stitch done in two colors and the resulting pattern made great soft stripes.

I had crochet class at night, and decided to try out the stitch using cotton yarn. I usually try out a new stitch on a dishcloth so I can do something with the resulting swatch. This ended up a bit differently due to some laziness on my part.  I did not carry the yarn, so there would have been a lot of ends to weave in. Instead, I tucked them all inside, crocheted up the edges and will have another crocheted sponge substitute to use, albeit a slightly stuffed one.

Everyone in class noticed the stitch and commented on it. They were as surprised as I was to find out how simple it is. I’m planning on  a scarf or cowl eventually with some nice soft yarn, but that will probably wait until after the holidays are over.