CW projects

Craft weekend has come and gone. We were there one less day than usual, which meant less time to work, but we all seemed to be more focused.  There are such a variety of projects that go on. This year included sewing, quilting, scrap booking, crocheting, knitting, macrame, and embroidery.


I was able to finish 3 WiPs, which was part of my goal. The felt mitten ornaments, the ribbon embroidery piece I started in a class back in September, and a scarf which will be a Christmas gift all got completed. I also made a scarf to send home with one of the other members of the craft team to donate to the shelter her church supports.


My final project as starting a hat, but I ended up having to frog most of it because I was busy chatting and didn’t notice that I had missed a stitch a few rows in.

The house we rent is in the mountains, as much mountains as you can find in Pennsylvania, and I was lucky enough to spot a bald eagle flying overhead. We also had many visits from deer who were hoping that some carrots would find their way out of the kitchen.

All in all it was a good break, and a way to hit the “reset” button button before diving into the holiday season.