Non yarn

This coming weekend is craft weekend for me! Twice a year, the craft group escapes to the Pocono Mountains to get our crafting on.  I pack for this differently each time. Sometimes I bring a big project and try to focus on that. Other times I bring multiple small projects so I can feel like I’ve really gotten stuff done while I am away. Sometimes the focus is yarn, other times I bring my sewing machine and have even managed to get a quilt completed while I am there.

This year I am bringing a mishmash of work. This is my pile so far of non-yarn projects. At least three of the bags contain WiPs and I plan to try to complete at least two of them. There are materials for four other projects if the mood strikes. That is at least seven so far. I haven’t even started my yarn pile, and I’ve decided to leave the sewing machine at home this time.

When I pack the car, I have one small bag of clothes, and the rest is full of projects.  I can count seven so far and I know that number will grow as I throw in “just one more thing, just in case.”

Craft fail

During the preliminary piling, a friend sent me a link to a little pipe cleaner and pom pom Christmas tree. On a lark, I gave it a try with the supplies I had in my house. This will not become a treasured Christmas decoration. Sometimes you can’t make a project work without the proper supplies.