I’ve found that even a person who claims to be uncreative, will dip their toe into something crafty if the project catches their interest.  A friend of mine saw the fused glass tray I made last year, and wanted to give it a try.

We met up at a local studio that offers painted pottery, glass fusing and mosaics and spent a couple of hours playing. The first time I tried this I went with a very geometric design. This time, I decided to try to make a simple flower.  When the glass goes into the kiln, it sort of melts all together and the edges will soften up, so I am interested to see how the shape of the flower turns out.

It will take 1-2 weeks for the pieces to get fired, so I will have to wait for the final reveal.

Here are a few photos from the studio.


The glass come in small in pieces and you use a scoring tool that is like a tiny rotary cutter and something that looks like pliers but is called a breaker to make smaller shapes. You can also use tile cutters for small cuts or to round the corners. There are also long thin straight “noodles” to use to make lines.


The glass is sorted by color, and there are multiple shades of each, plus the option of using clear or transparent glass to get different looks.


There is also ground glass called frit that can be used to create a mottled or speckled look. It is often used for snow, sky, or tree leaves.

I’ll post a picture of the plate once I get it back.