skinny scarf

Be warned! When you find a pattern for a one-skein scarf that calls for a skein that is 110g/3.5 oz, it’s going to be a skinny scarf. The pattern I found for this did not give the dimensions in the introduction, but the included photo made it look wide enough. When I got to the border, I realized that the pattern did not include instructions for the shell stitch. I did a quick internet search, and found another version of the pattern that included the instructions as well as a diagram, but I also noticed that this one included the dimensions: 3 1/2″/9cm wide.  That is one skinny scarf. The pattern also claims it is 96″/244cm long, but mine ended up around 68″/173cm.  Quite a difference, but it is still plenty long.

I like the pattern overall and especially the look of the scalloped edge and will probably use it again, adding a few more rows than the 3 in the original to give it a little bit more width. It is also the first time in a while I’ve worked with 100% wool yarn, and boy, did I forget what an enjoyable experience that was. I am trying to avoid adding to my yarn stash right now, but if I see an irresistible wool yarn out there, all bets are off.