The sewing machine was out today so I could hem a pair of pants for my Father-in-Law. It was a quick job, so I decided to look through my bin of Christmas fabric and start a little something. At the bottom of the bin there was a packet of die-cut fabric shapes; trees, candy canes, and stars. There had been stockings in there originally, but those were made into a garland for the mantle a few years ago.

I tried layering the straight edged stars over some scrap batting cut with pinking shears to create a white border, but when they were all sewn, the batting was a little uneven. This is, I’m sure, due to the fact that my eyeballing it is not as precise as a die-cutter. In the end I trimmed all the sides with pinking shears and am much happier with the result. It felt like they still needed something so the button tin came out and that finished them up.

The strings added to hang them were left on the long side as these might become package ties rather than ornaments. They can always be made shorter if I need to. Longer is a bit more difficult.