The charity project from this week’s crochet class was baby booties. I’ve never made a slipper or sock before, and this was a good way to learn some of the techniques on a small scale. The hardest part for me was a 5-stitch decrease at the heel which required pulling the final yarn over through 11 loops on the hook. I kept getting caught on one loop part way through and having to start over again, and over again, and over again. The first one took 5 tries, the second was only 3. Making the 11 loops looser finally did the trick. (Another lesson in tension!)

24 coasters...done and done!

24 coasters…done and done!

Earlier in the day, I also sat down with my needle and sewed in all the ends of the coasters. They were given a quick ironing and are now officially done. Having the neighbor candle holder gifts finished, and now these, means I can concentrate on some individual gifts or maybe tackle a few of the non-Christmas WiPs that are still hanging around.