Last week, DaniellaJoe had a post about tension in crochet. Traditionally, I crochet very tightly, but have come to realize that it sometimes depends on circumstances. When I am learning a new pattern, I tend to crochet more tightly as I am concentrating. When I would get home from a long day at work, my crochet would be tighter than if I were sitting down on a weekend.

I was a coaster-making fool this weekend, it’s the only crafty thing I did each day. We were able to convince my father-in-law to leave his house and come over on Sunday, and he likes watching me work. While we visited I was able to complete the initial work on all of the coasters I’m making for Christmas gifts. They still need to have the ends woven in, so they don’t count as done yet, but the hooking part is complete.

I have a set of these I made for myself back in May. The one on the top in the photo is from May and is the first one I ever made, the one on the bottom was made this week and somewhere around number 30. These were made using the same pattern, the same yarn and the same hook. I’m assuming the difference is mainly my comfort and familiarity with the pattern. If I ever decide to make a pair of socks, I’ll have to remember that I will probably need to make three since the first will probably end up kid-sized based on how tightly I work when I am in learning mode.