15 coasters

Some days I manage to surprise myself with my ability to stay on track. I went to two different craft stores today, TWO, and only bought exactly what I went in to get. That may be a first for me. And everything was on sale, or gotten with a coupon.  The craft stores are so tempting this time of year with everything holiday out in full force. I will admit to browsing through the aisles, but still managed to resit temptation.

I also kept going on the sets of coasters I am making for gifts. I managed to make 6 more bringing the tally to 15 out of 24 that need to be completed. This is when the clock change and the early darkness helps. For some reason, I feel less guilty about sitting down and working on projects once it seems to be night time. I also used a little trick yesterday. I hadn’t talked to my sister in a while, and whenever we do, it tends to be long. I usually use the regular land line for phone calls, but I called her on my cell phone and set it to speaker then sat down and worked on these while she talked. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before.