Snowman wreath

It turns out I did not need 24 pom poms after all. Once I realized the hoop I had for this project was smaller than what the instructions listed, I was able to stop at 16.

I was tempted to stop after making all the little white balls, but decided to plow through in order to have it done. I used this tutorial from A Crocheted Simplicity Designs, although I had to make a couple of adaptations based on my supplies. I only had one size of the pom pom maker, so the heads and the bodies are the same size, and I used a smaller hoop so had only 8 snowmen instead of 11.  I also realized after I had started attaching the eyes that I put the eyes on the outside and the buttons on the inside, which is it the opposite of the instructions. A bit of fall out from not having smaller heads.

When I was almost done, I could not find my single hole punch, so I was using a 3-hole punch to make the eyes out of black craft foam. My husband walked through the room and asked what I was doing. When I said “making snowman eyes,” he just nodded and kept right on with what he was doing. It made me laugh that he found this an acceptable task and didn’t even question it.