Trying to keep the momentum going, I was able to make 3 more coasters and 7 pom poms.  That means I have 7 out of 24 coasters completed and 8 out of 24 pom poms. It was a nice warm day so I was able to sit outside in the afternoon and enjoy the sunny weather.


I also had fun making sushi. My husband went on a fishing trip the other day and came home with 30 pounds (13.5kg) of tuna. Most of it gets cut into steaks, and since my freezer is full of fish already, 3/4 of it got delivered to friends. The first time he caught a tuna, he called on his way home and said “Cook up some rice, let’s make sushi.”  This is where I am very thankful for the internet. After a quick run to the store to get some nori wraps, pickled ginger, and wasabi, I immediately started searching for “how to roll sushi without a mat.” In case you are wondering, you can substitute a tea towel in a pinch. Since that first phone call, I’ve gotten plenty more opportunities to make these, and now keep all the ingredients stocked in the pantry and have procured a rolling mat.

I like to use avocado or cucumber when I make tuna rolls, but I could not find a ripe one, so instead used snap peas and carrots since I had them at home. These added an extra crunch and worked out well.