It was one of those beautiful Indian Summer days. I made the last of the neighbor gifts and then sewed in ends on all of them early in the morning. After that I hit the road. Errands to run. On the way home, I could not help but stop at the local park for a walk. Autumn colors have finally arrived here.


There were sections of the path where the brisk wind made the leaves fall like snowflakes. They were falling so thickly that at times the angle of the wind blew them toward me and held them against me for a moment or two as I walked.  There were also acorns falling and I did get bonked on the head once.


I stopped at the pond to watch a blue heron landing, and then at the baseball field when a large cloud of starlings flew overhead in one big clump.(Which I just looked up, and that clump is called a murmuration of starlings. I like that.) They landed in a tree that was nearly bare and then took off again almost as one.  I find when I’m watching things like that, I don’t think to use my camera. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy the moment without trying to capture it.