Wave stitch

My crochet class is a 10-week session, and every other week we are making something to donate to a different charity. This week, we it was a lapghan.  Because it is too large of a project for us each to complete in a week, the instructor has each of us making up a square, and then will join them all together.

The pattern we were given was for the wave stitch. I have seen afghans done in this stitch before and really liked them, but worried that it would be hard to keep track of where to put the stitches. Making up this square taught me that my fears were unfounded. It is hard to see in the photo taken with a phone in bad classroom light at night, but the stitch has an interesting design to it using a combination of single and double crochet.

It is nice to have a chance to get pushed out of the comfort zone, and to be able to do it with someone nearby for questions and support. This has been true for me in different group settings. My old book club used to force me to read things I normally would not have selected, and I ended up enjoying (most of) them. A class on Chinese cooking got me comfortable using ingredients like cloud-ear fungus and water chestnuts. Even getting away for weekend retreats with my crafty friends exposes me to other projects that had not entered my radar. No matter what level you may be, there is almost always benefit from a class, a course, or a gathering.