Still more rows of single crochet. The rectangle is progressing slowly but surely. Not the most exciting photo opportunity so let me tell you about how these two chairs came to be on my sun porch.

I live in the type of neighborhood that is getting rarer and rarer these days.  I know everyone on my block. We hang out together. We borrow things from each other and have keys to each other’s houses and sheds. There is one tall ladder that goes from house to house when it is time to put up the Christmas lights each year.  Sunday night, there was a knock on our door. It was the next-door neighbor. “I have an embroidery project for you.” was his greeting. He told me he had been helping a friend clean out his house, and there were these two chairs that were unwanted, so he brought them home thinking I would want them to recover and use.

I went to his house to take a look, and I immediately liked the style of the chairs.  I could tell the seat cushions had been added, and when i removed one, the original holes from the chair’s caned seat were there.  Perhaps I’ll try to learn how to cane, or I may just recover them, but I love the possibilities.

My neighbors often see me outside working on some crafty project or home DIY. Even though the men of the block still always ask me what I am knitting whenever they see me crocheting, they can call my projects whatever they want since they deliver fun gifts like this.