More rows

Hardly much new to report. With only the time to sit for about an hour, I got a few more rows added to the current crochet project. It looks about the same so instead, let me tell you about how that hour went.

I had to keep moving the skein of yarn as both of the kitties took turns being very interested in it. One of them is a lap cat, and likes to pin it down with a quick paw, the other perches on the arm of the sofa and seems more inclined to want to chew on it whenever it moves.  Moving the skein so that it is on the opposite side of where they are sitting or facing seems to help, at least for a short time.

I don’t mind them doing this when I don’t have to pay attention to the pattern or do any counting. During complicated patterns, I lure them into the other room with some cat treats and hope they stay distracted for a while.