I would love to be a yarn snob, but a lot of the charity projects I work on require acrylic yarn so the item will be washable and not set off any allergies. I still get picky about which of the acrylic yarns I use when I can. When I made scarves for the Special Olympics, I had to use Red Heart Super Saver, and did not like the feel of it at all. To me, it was rough and sort of plasticy.  In the past year, my go-to acrylic yarn has been Caron Simply Soft. Like the name suggests, it has a much better hand feel and it seemed like the projects had better drape to them too.

My local craft store only carries limited colors of it so the other day when I was searching for an olive green to use for an item for Operation Gratitude which sends scarves and hats to the military, I ended up with two skeins of Lion Brand Heartland in a color called “Joshua Tree.” The Heartland colors are all heathers and tweeds, and I liked the depth this gave to the shade.

I started a hat using this, and I really like the way it feels. It is soft and even with only a few rows done, it also seems to have a nice drape to it. It is more pricey than Caron Simply Soft, but I found it on sale, and had a coupon to boot.  This is my first adult hat, and I’m hoping it turns out to be the right size. It works from the bottom up, so I keep putting the loop around my head to make sure I’m not making it too small.