I pinned a post from Eyeballs By Day, Crafts by Night back in September on how to make rustic nightlights using silicone-dipped bulbs. I thought these would make a nice add on for Christmas gifts so I got all the supplies and decided to give it a try. I ended up a little bit stickier than I thought because my caulk container wouldn’t squirt out the front nozzle, but instead, started gushing out the back. (I’ve never heard of a defective tube of caulk, but thee it was.) I removed it from the caulk gun,  cut it open with a serrated knife and spooned it into the dipping cup.

It’s a first try, and I can see I need some practice. I also could not find silicone sealant that wasn’t caulk, and the post did mention that different brands of silicone are easier or harder to use, so I will give this one another try with a different one. I do think that there are a few usable bulbs in the group of ten I made.  The bulbs come in packs of 3 at the dollar store, so I can easily stock up, and use the funky ones for myself. I need to get a few more to look acceptable before starting on the next part of the nightlight.