I like having the scent of candles in the house. I usually buy jar candles, and I will admit I splurge on the name brands because the scent last through the entire candle. One thing that drive me nuts though, is the ring of wax left over once the jar candle burns out. I hate wasting it. Usually, I use an existing jar and melt down the wax to create a new candle. Sometimes this is layered, although I try to keep like scents together.

I’ve been saving the metal spice tins once they are empty, and recently, I saw them used to make a candle. Perfect. I have the tins, I have used-up jar candles, and I have the wicks.

It is easy to melt the wax in an old jar candle. Fill as pan part way full of water, put the jar in it, wait for it to melt, pull out the wick and there you go. i usually use a bamboo skewer to stir it around, and I do have a pot with a broken handle that I use just for crafting.

When you are making candles, you can fill the container the first time all the way to the brim, and it will still settle as it cools. This one was done with two pours and it still shrunk a bit after the second one. It is not much though, and I will be able to enjoy the scent of this candle a little bit longer.