Yes, I know scrunchies are about 25 years out of style. I know and I don’t care.  I don’t like using regular hair bands. My hair is frizzy and they pull out handfuls when I try to use them.  I like to take the leftover bits of yarn and crochet around them. The yarn doesn’t grab and hold onto my hair. My hair often gets pulled back when I am working on something, or cooking, or just tired of it being in my face, so these get used a lot.

Now I have 4 new ones. For some reason, I like making these in variegated yarn. The pack of hair bands I picked up at the dollar store.

For the two on the top I double crocheted around the band.

Bottom left I single crocheted around the band then got fancy and added some loops of chain stitches to it.

Bottom right is single crochet around the band.

The 80s were not the best fashion decade, but this is the only part of it that stayed with me.