On Wednesday it was 80 degrees. Friday, it reached 46 degrees. Each area of the country has different weather issues. I live in the Mid-Atlantic, and so don’t often deal with earthquakes or tornadoes, although they do on rare occasions pop up.  The most common severe weather we get here is hurricanes.  Since I don’t live on the coast, the ocean is not an issue, but roads or streams flooding and trees knocked down by high winds are. Hurricane Joaquin is headed up the coast, and the temperature drop is our notification that is is coming.

I see people post photos of their feet on a lot of social media platforms.  Usually on a lounge chair in front of a pool. This is the Friday view of my feet. It is all about sitting under a quilt, with a cat on my lap and some crochet in hand. It’s a poor iPad photo because once the cat gets on your lap, it seems to be a rule that you can’t get up, and the iPad was the only photo taker in reach.