Baby hat

The fall term of my crochet class started! Although there are always a few new faces in the class, the core group has been together for many years now. This time, the course is titled “Crochet Caring” and we will be making items to donate to various causes.  The course is structured so that half of the weeks we work together on these projects, and the other half we bring our own projects, or something with which we might need help or advice, and the instructor (and at this point the other members of the group) is there for guidance.

We started off with preemie caps. I’ve made a bunch of these before, but this pattern is interesting. It starts off making the ribs for the bottom, then you turn the piece sideways and work across and up towards the crown with decreases along the way. I’ve never worked on a hat from the bottom up before, so I’m hoping my counting works out when I reach the top.