3 bags

My craft room has become a hot mess recently. This happens from time to time and I need to take a day or two and ruthlessly tackle the epic disorganization & clutter. I usually try to get empty bags or boxes to corral like items in the initial sorting: fabric, yarn, paints, glues.

At the end of my first pass through yesterday, I filled three bags of miscellaneous yarn. Unlike the nursery rhyme, it is not all wool. I was still pretty horrified. I had been congratulating myself since my plastic bin that is SUPPOSED to hold the yarn was emptying out and I figured I was making headway at using up my stash. Instead, apparently I had just been strewing it about and tucking it here and there.  I wish I could say this is all the yarn too, but there is still some in the bin, some by my spot on the sofa, and some on the sun porch.

To help with this glut of yarn, i worked on the red scarf.  Some further organization is clearly in order this week, and expect to see a quite a bit more crocheting in the future, since I seem to be well stocked.