Candy corn

Last week, Ruthie’s Crafting Corner made a cute fall garland with pumpkins and candy corn. I fell in love with the candy corn and decided to be a complete copy cat and try some myself. For whatever reason, I was not thinking when I downloaded a pattern.  It started with “chain 31”. Had I been thinking, I would have realized that this was not going to create a cute little candy corn that could be nestled among fall decorations on the mantle. No, not at all. This is a giant candy corn. See the pencil in there for scale?  It is so giant that the small skeins of yarn I had in orange and yellow are not big enough to make a second side in order to stuff it.

However, I also realized last week (again thanks to Ruthie) that I need to have a fall decoration for my front door. Necessity is the mother of invention, and I am somehow going to work this into a door decoration. And I do still have enough yarn left to make a small, cute stuffed candy corn for inside the house as well.