dorset button

I first heard about the dorset button when I was working on the CAL bag over the summer. They are usually made with floss or fine yarn and have a wagon-wheel appearance. I had crocheted buttons for projects before, and wanted to try this out since it is made around a small ring and would have more stability as a button while still maintaining the look of yarn. Very clear instructions and much better examples can be found here.

When I try something new with yarn, I often do it with a heavier weight. It is sort of like using the big thick pencils when you are first learning to write. In this case, I was able to get the technique down, but the heavier-weight yarn does hide the pretty overall weaving pattern of the button center.  These remind me of a craft my friends and I used to do as kids wrapping yarn around crossed popsicle sticks or small branches to make pretty diamond shaped decorations.