Rope basket

I can’t tell  you how many times over the past year I have pulled out some clothesline and yarn determined to try this, and then put them right back again. I can tell you that over the past month, it has happened at least three times. I originally bought the clothesline to make a basket, but one covered with fabric. Apparently I am even more apprehensive about running it through my sewing machine than tackling it with my crochet hook.

I did not follow a particular pattern for this. I looked at a bunch of them, watched a YouTube video or two, and in the end, decided to wing it. It follows the standard crocheted basket pattern, although with this you first make the bottom ring, then use that as the base to crochet around the rope. After that, it was a matter of doing an increase on each round until it reaches the diameter you want. I went fairly small on this since it was a first try. To make the sides you stop increasing and just do a single crochet around the rope for each round until it is the height you want. I also did a row of single crochet around the top to help hide the end of the rope. Even though it is done in single crochet, it builds up quickly because the rope adds bulk and height.

It ended up a little bulgy in places, but overall basket-like. The yarn covers up more of the rope on the sides than I thought it would, so next time I’ll use something thinner. This has already taken up residence next to my spot on the sofa to act as a catch-all for clipped threads and pieces of yarn.