I got two of these little kits at the quilt show last week. I love pre-cut felt kits as the cutting of the felt is always so fiddly, especially if you need small pieces. I decided to try one, and it went together quickly, and looks pretty cute. I may try to make a larger version of this as a Christmas ornament. You can see by the penny that is there for scale that this will be better as a pin, which was how the kit was sold, or maybe a magnet or package decoration.

The odd thing about this kit was that there were no instructions. There was a photo of the finished piece, and a small slip of paper that showed how to make a half-dozen standard embroidery stitches, but that was it. Fortunately, it was pretty self explanatory, the layers of felt were joined together with the round metal paper fastener, a few stitches were made in the top layer of petals then some stitching around the outer edge.

While I am holding onto summer as long as I can, I can now say that I have started my Christmas crafting.