Recently, Ruthie’s Crafting Corner has a week of posts about both needle felting and wet felting. I’ve only done needle felting (or dry felting) and I have a bunch of wool roving and some dry-felting needles hanging around. One of the simplest projects you can do with this is to create needle-felted acorns.

The only hard part about his project is that you have to remember to look for acorn caps when it is not yet fall. If you wait until fall, the squirrels will have whisked all of the acorns away from any oak tree you may find, and you will walk around the bottom of them several times looking in vain the elusive caps and hoping that anyone watching you does not think you you (rather than the acorns) are nuts.  It has taken me a couple of years to finally remember to gather some acorns in the heat of the summer.

OK, perhaps I was wrong, the other hard part about this project is not sticking the barbed needle through your finger when you are working on the felting because the acorn bodies are so small, but with a little care…and by year three of trying, I can report that it is possible.

A bunch of these can be made up and put in a small dish, or you could make a pin out of them. If you are like me, you just give random ones to friends who think they are cute.