Weave It

I got this little loom after my grandmother died.  It came to me exactly like this, with 3 completed squares, and one started. I also got a beautiful blanket she made with yellow and rust wool from woven squares.  it has a little bit of moth damage, so no one else wanted it.

I’ve pulled this out a few times, but because I know she strung the loom, I haven’t wanted to take it off and start fresh. I am very sentimental when it comes to my grandmother. I looked up some instructions online today and tried to make a start of finishing her piece.  The yarn she used is a fine-gauge wool, and I found some embroidery yarn that matches pretty closely both in gauge and color. After a few rows, I realized something  was not working.  I need to do some more studying on the technique and give it a go another day. Or maybe it is just meant to remain a treasured WIP.