Waaaay back in January, I decided to try weaving. I started, then I put it down when February hit and I was participating in Thing-a-Day. Then apparently six more months somehow happened. The loom has been sitting in my craft room. It is an odd shape to store, so I see it every time I go in there, which is pretty much daily. I’ve been feeling that it is time to break out some of the larger projects… maybe finish a WIP or two, so I set a goal to get this done.

I had forgotten how quickly weaving can go. Even with all the “oops”, the skipped stitches, and undoing of rows, the fabric works up quickly.  This is my first completed actual non-practice project on my loom. Even though I can see all the imperfections, the areas of improvement, I do always like the first of something new. I like knowing that one day I will look back on this and be able to have a benchmark for how much I have learned and how far I have come.  My first lesson is to use a light colored warp on the outside rows until my tension gets better.  The navy blue really highlights the the loopiness, but the sides are a lot straighter than my first practice piece. (Not straight, but straighter.)

For someone like me who likes to start seeing results right away, weaving was a lesson in patience and finding the rhythm. Warping the loom, winding yarn onto the shuttle, weaving the fabric, securing the ends, even wet finishing the piece each take time while you are anxious to start on the next step. I made an effort during each step to not look ahead, but try to be fully engaged with the current process. That was a good lesson too.

As enjoyable as it is to sit down and work on something you know how to do, there is a certain joy in struggling through learning a new skill as well. Sometimes you realize you don’t really like it, and that’s OK.  I have taken many classes for things I thought I’d enjoy, but realized I didn’t, but was still happy I gave them a try. But other times, like this is for me, you know the first is just the start.