WInter wreath

It seems I have been in flower-making mode lately. I finally got time to actually make some flowers and then begin making them into something. This is the start of a winter wreath. Something to handg on the door when the Christmas decorations come down. I still need to pick up some embellishments, maybe add a leaf or two, but I like the way it is starting to look.

I made a quick trip to the craft store for the felt since I had a $5 off $15 coupon. The felt was under $5, but I was able to pick up some yarn and crochet hooks to make up the difference. 🙂  I have certain hook sizes that I use a lot, and they also wander off a lot.  I’m trying to learn to keep the hook with the project, so having duplicates of the common sizes is becoming a necessity. I also almost always buy Boye hooks ever since I learned that gauge can be different between the same size of a Bates and a Boye due to the thickness of the neck and handle of the two hooks. This way, if I do lose a hook mid-project, it should not cause any problems.

It felt funny working on something for winter when it is still very much summer weather here. But somehow working with the cool colors was a nice change. I still can’t bring myself to start Christmas crafting though.