We had a lovely three-day holiday weekend here. Over the past month, my husband and I have each been taking breaks, but we hadn’t had the opportunity to do anything together. We remedied that this weekend going to a local Oktoberfest which was the location and anniversary of our first date and then sneaking away Monday to spend the day at the beach. We stayed until the sun set and arrived home late, tired, but feeling rejuvenated. I brought some yarn and a crochet hook along, but once I put on sunscreen, I didn’t want to handle the yarn, so it stayed in my bag.  I did use the crochet hook to help pull a drawstring back through a friend’s bag when it came out…but I don’t think that counts as working on something creative.

Since we spent some of the time as well getting things set up and smoothed out at my Father-in-Law’s house, and needed to make spending time together a priority, I grabbed only a few minutes each day to work on projects, and it was all bits and bobs of crochet. I’ve been trying to use up those odd ends of skeins that collect when other projects are done.  I’m looking forward to getting things back to normal (such as it is), and having time to work on some larger projects.