Tshirt bag

I knew the afternoon was going to be busy so I figured in the morning I’d better grab the time I had  to make something.  I stuck with the quick, no-sew project theme, I decided to make a tote bag out of a t-shirt. I have seen this floating around the internet for a while but there was something in me that resisted cutting into a t-shirt in case it did not work out.  I had an extra giveaway t-shirt that I got when the Philadelphia Flyers were in the Stanley Cup (Go Flyers!) and since it was a duplicate,  it could be sacrificed.

Thee are tons of tutorials out there for this. To start, you cut off the sleeves, and cut a scoop at the neckline. Secure the bottom of the bag by cutting slits into the bottom of the shirt and knotting them. There are two ways you can make this bag. It can have fringe on the outside, or you can turn it inside out to do the knotting and keep the bottom fringe free.  I chose the fringe-free method and I am glad I did because the slits I cut were short and the fringe would have looked wonky and considerably non-fringe-like.

Although i have no shortage of bags in my house, I always find a way to use new ones. This will probably live in the trunk of my car to be used when I go to the grocery store as I always under estimate how many reusable bags I will need.