I’ve been making triangles hoping to complete the sunflower wreath I started earlier in the summer. I had put this project into a time out for a while because the yarn was driving me bonkers. Its a fuzzy wool that is impossible to rip out, and it also has random thin spots that are prone to breaking if pulled too tightly. In an attempt to finish off a WIP, I started playing with the triangles to create a larger set of petals to balance off the large brown center.

I got seven of them made and attached, and it is still not making me happy. The yarn still has the same yarn problems. It probably doesn’t help that it is hot, hot, hot here either.  Rather than continue to slog through it, it will go back into a time out waiting, at least, for cooler weather.

Right now, I have actual sunflowers blooming outside my front door. They grew much taller than I anticipated and create a green and yellow curtain in front of the sun porch windows. The bees are very busy. Sometime there are three or four bees on each blossom. Birds have also started landing on them, making my cats very happy, and just a little nuts.