We are just starting another mini heatwave here, so when a friend suggested meeting in the afternoon to go tubing on the Delaware River, I did not have to think too long about it. I’ve decided that tubing is one of those activities that make you feel as though you are doing something active, but really consists of sitting for a few hours and watching the scenery pass you by. Sometimes, though, taking that kind of break is important, especially when you can do it with a friend you don’t get to see too often and have several uninterrupted hours to catch up and solve all the world’s problems, or at least share the burden of each others’.

We grabbed a bite to eat afterward, and by the time I got home it was late. I settled into the living room with some yarn figuring I could bang out a quick flower or something. The light beside the sofa is dim, and when I work there, I usually turn on the Ott light, but last night I didn’t want to disturb my husband who was watching TV through closed eyelids. I’ve seen experienced crocheters work in almost total darkness in overnight flights when all the lights were out so I thought I’d give it a try.  I had 40 watts of light and was planning on doing a simple stitch.

Perhaps I should not have selected a dark-colored yarn. I got the foundation chain done without any problem, but when I turned to completed a row of double crochet…well, I did not get very far. It probably would be doable if it wasn’t so late and I hadn’t just gotten back from an afternoon in the heat and the sun and a long drive home. I did make a start of it though, and part of me feels that I could do it, I just need to practice a bit more.