Most pumpkin patterns I’ve found use amigurumi, but sometimes, life makes it impossible to keep track of all the rounds and increases. If you find yourself in this situation, no fear, you can still crochet up a pumpkin with no counting or keeping track of rows.

Last year I made a bunch of these fabric pumpkins. Since I needed a project to bring to the rehab facility, and a sewing machine is tough to lug around, I decided to try a version in crochet. It was really simple to translate the instructions.  For the shorter, squat pumpkin which I made, you need a piece of crochet that is approximately a 1:2 ration. My piece of crochet  “fabric” was 4.5 inches by 10-ish inches of single crochet. You can see the start of it here.

Next, you join the short ends together to create a tube. I left long ends of yarn and wove them around each side of the tube,  After that, you cinch the one side, stuff it, and then cinch the other side. I made ribs by running a piece of yarn down one line of the crochet, and pulling the needle back up through the center repeating until it looked pumpkinish.

For the bottom, I crocheted a small circle of brown and sewed that on. On the top, I crocheted two leaves and attached them and then rather than crocheting a stem, I used a cork I had in my stash.

While I am not ready for summer to be over, I can already feel the transition to autumn, but at least that brings good crafting weather.