Somewhere in my house there is a box that has a half dozen cut-glass cruets that would have been used for salad dressing back in the day. They came from my grandmother’s house, and I had them in a kitchen cabinet up until recently. When I was first laid off and needed to feel productive every day, I started cleaning out closets and cabinets.  Since I never used them, I boxed them up and put them somewhere safe. Somewhere so safe I couldn’t find them when I decided to give this project a try.

No worries, I know they are here somewhere, probably tucked in a cubby hole in the basement. While I was looking for them, I found this cranberry glass vase that also came from my grandmother. It has been on a closet shelf long enough and it has now been put to use.

Making the diffuser was simple. It’s a vessel and bamboo skewers.  There are two different ways to make the liquid.  You can use a carrier oil like safflower and add some essential oils, or you can use a 1 to 1 mixture of alcohol (either rubbing or vodka) and water with essential oil.

I did not want to use oil because cats + oily liquid in containers = potential oily spills, so I opted to use the alcohol and water mix. I have a small amount of “crafting vodka” (cheap bottom shelf stuff only used for making liqueurs or projects like this) left and decided to use that as it has less of a scent than rubbing alcohol.

Easy project, and one that could be made completely from items I already had in the house.