blue scarf

This is the scarf I made for my father-in-law. I started it when he was in the hospital and pretty disoriented but he paid attention when I was crocheting so I asked him if he wanted me to make something for him. I decided that I would only work on it when I was visiting him, so it has traveled with me each day first to the hospital then to the rehab facility. Each day I would remind him I was making it for him, ask him if he liked the color and show him the progress before I left.

After I sewed in the ends, I gave it to him to try on. “Is this for me?” he asked. He spent some time examining it. I asked him if he wanted fringe added to the end. (No.) For a while he laid it over his lap like an extremely short afghan, then carefully folded it and set it on the bed next to him. “It is very nice work, thank you.”