velvet scarf

I picked up a long piece of hand-dyed velvet at a quilt show back in March. The color is so different than what I would normally buy, but it just jumped out and captured my attention. Maybe in March, at the end of a long, very cold winter, the sunniness of the yellow was what I needed. It came home with me and has been sitting in a bag forgotten.

I was looking for something completely different when I rediscovered it and decided that it had been forgotten too long. Originally, I think I had planned to use it as one side of a scarf, but decided it was wide enough and bold enough to not have to share the stage with anything else. It is long enough to loosely loop around my neck twice. If I want, I can tie the end to make it an infinity scarf, but I left it as a straight piece so there would be options.

Now I just need to wait for cooler weather…and the nerve to try to wear such a vibrant accessory.