This past weekend, a friend handed me two long rolls of strips of fabric that had been used at her son’s wedding and asked ‘could you use these for something?” Each roll had five fabric strips and was about 30 feet long.  Usually when I am gifted craft supplies, I try to make something to give back to the person who was kind enough to pass them along.

I figured, before these get buried in a pile of stuff, or tucked away into a container, I’d use part of them to make her a wreath. Although I have several other projects in the works, sometimes a new project that can be completed in no time at all is just what I need. The fabric was cut into 10 inch strips and tied around a ring using a a larks head or cow hitch knot.

I only used about a quarter of what she gave me so now I just need to figure out what I can make out of the rest of the fabric.