For some people, “summertime and the living is easy” may fit, but for me, it always seems to work the other way around. summer is busy! This year the days, weeks, and now months are flying by. Do you ever get to that point of having projects you want to try, but see no spot in your schedule to carve out enough time to tackle them? I feel like I am there right now.

I have some new supplies I want to play with and they are sitting forlornly in bags in my craft room. A craft room I also need to clean and organize as things have gotten out of hand in there what with the random bags of WIPs and new supplies that have gotten tossed into it when we get word that a relative is coming to visit my father-in-law and we need to tidy up quickly.

I am glad I do have time each day when I visit him myself and work on crocheting his scarf. I got a few rows done so I was able to grab some creative time. I also know in a few days this feeling will pass and I’ll feel more in control. Today though, I wish I could slow down the clock and find a few more hours hidden away somewhere.