I just spent the past 5 days living in a field and listening to music. Each year I attend the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  Each year there are about 12,000 attendees and 5,000 people camp there for the weekend.  There is music during the day on 6 different stages, but if you camp, you can walk around the grounds all night and hear groups of musicians playing. The campsites are pretty amazing.  After I had attended a few years, I started camping with a group of friends and through the years, it has grown and now there are 50-60 people there. At the site, you will always find someone building something–we even have a shower with hot and cold running water constructed from large barrels, batteries and some kind of heater from a boat supply store.

I was able to spend part of each day there working on a little something. Making some window treatments in a friend camper on Thursday, and crocheting in the mornings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday is the day it all has to be torn down and packed away so there was packing, loading up trucks, and unloading everything into a storage unit where it all sits and waits until the next year. I did get to do a bit of yarn work when I got home too.


I did get to make one of Crochet Rox’s tiaras for a friend of mine who was attending.  She is battling cancer and decorates or paints her head every time she goes in for chemo. I had to modify the pattern a bit because I couldn’t find any bulky sparkly yarn.  I used a 4 weight metallic yarn and doubled it, and added an extra crown point to get it all to fit her head. Since she is incredibly crafty too,  I left it unadorned so she can add what ever embellishments she wants.

Now I’m off to unpack and do a large pile of laundry!