I had a few minutes to crochet in the morning, but the main focus of my day was the annual local 4H Fair used fabric sale. This is a fundraiser for the 4H club and people donate fabric, yarn, books and other craft supplies. Fabric is sorted by fiber content and supplies are sorted by like items.

I walked out with 2 giant bags. Things you may be seeing me use in the coming weeks include:

  • Denim for the rag quilt I started a while back
  • Linen, possibly to make some tea towels. But it was $1 a yard so it had to come home with me regardless.
  • Yarn, of course
  • Pillow form because I like to keep these on hand and I used the last one in my stash for the cat pillow
  • Small plastic rings.  I know I saw something recently that needed them, now if I can just find it.
  • Vintage deteriorating baby-quilt top. It is falling apart, but it was only $1 and looked like it needed to be rescued
  • 8 old linen embroidered napkins, These won’t be used for crafting, but I have a thing for old napkins
  • Bag of yoyos, the fabric kind. Not sure what these will become but at 50 cents, they were coming with me
  • Pack of plastic crochet hooks which will be used for an ornament idea I would like to try

I also picked up some old needlework and crochet books from the 30s, 40s and 70s. I have a soft spot for these too, and love to see how the fashions change. Some trim was gotten for a friend who needed it, a couple of plate hangers and some iron on patches. Whew!

It is hard to believe it, but I actually showed some restraint. I only let myself buy fabric that I had an actual plan to use and I put back about half of the yarn I originally picked up.

Leaving the sale, my girlfriend and I dropped our bags at the car and wandered around the actual fair to  watch the kids with the animals they had raised and were showing. There were lots of cute goats.


This young guy was calmly shearing a sheep.


The pig judging is always fun to watch. They use the canes just to steer the pigs in the right direction.


And while we were doing that, there was an amazing combination of rainbow and sunset.