2 rounds

I’ve been playing with petals for the sunflower wreath. This is it after two rounds.  Based on the scale of the center, I am going to need to find something for round three that is much more substantial. I was hoping to do this in two rounds, but I can already see that it need more petals to balance the scale of the center.

The yarn I got for this was purchased for two reasons: it was the color I was looking for and it was on clearance for half off. It is very fuzzy making it almost impossible to rip out, and it has very thin sections prone to breaking,  so once I’ve gotten a few petals into each round, I’m sort of committed to finish in whatever stitch I have chosen.  I may have to think on the next round for a bit before I jump in, but it has been interesting to have to “make it work somehow” situation so far.