After getting some crochet done in the morning, I went to meet a friend at a place called Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey. I’ve had this on my visit list for years, and I can’t believe I have waited so long.

What they have done, along with the beautiful gardens, is to recreate famous paintings as sculptures through out the pathways. You can walk into the art and through the art. Off of the main paved paths, there are small openings and arches and you never know what will be tucked away if you peek into them. They have also interspersed contemporary sculpture and have chairs and tables nestled here and there for picnicking.

Between the summer flowers and the art, the sun and the breeze that was blowing in advance of some rain coming later that day, and a yummy lunch at one of the restaurants on the grounds,  it was a treat for all five senses.

Afterward, we headed to another friend’s house to help clean out a camper we will be using at an outdoor music festival later this month. The mice had made it their cozy winter home, so we had some work to do…and a different kind of experience on our senses!