I originally started this blog to document my 365 project. As I kept writing, I found more and more other bloggers to follow. I have gotten so many ideas and items added to my to-do list from going through my reader. This project came about because of two different posts.

Last week, Welcome to My Blog created some happy flowers. They looked so cheerful, and were made with a few circles of fabric and a button. On to the Pinterest board they went.  Then yesterday, StitchNSewCreates had a cute panda bag that was made entirely from stash items. It was the ears on the panda bag coupled with the idea of stash busting that turned on the light bulb over my head.

I have a box of fabric “scales” that are the same shape as the panda’s ears.  I made them thinking I would use them on some sort of fish design. Instead, they have become the petals of my flowers. I also used pom-poms for the centers because the colors seemed too perfect together.  I would still like to try the original Happy Flowers pattern, but I was able to use of some of what I already had and liberate these cheerful prints from the box where they have languished for far too long.

I’m not even sure what I will use these for yet, but they make me happy.