We took a trip to Connecticut this weekend to visit my husband’s nephews. It’s hard to believe these boys I met when they were 6 and 10 and now grown-up men living on their own in another state with real jobs and everything, We spent Saturday afternoon kayaking on the Long Island Sound, and I was happy that at the end of it the “youngsters” were just as sore and tired as I was.

I usually don’t crochet in the car even if I am the passenger. Either I am navigating and need to pay attention to the road, or the trip is a good chance to have long conversations and that makes it hard to pay attention to stitches.  I’m working on the simple part of a project now, a long strip of single crochet that will be sewn around a foam wreath form, so once were successfully past the confusing parts of the highway and onto the “continue for 75 miles” section, I felt it was safe to grab a few moments with my yarn.

This turned out to be a good car project since I did not have to pay attention to stitch count or a pattern so I could still chat, or set it down for a minute to take a look around.